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Scholarship Program Objectives

The Clan Gregor Society Pacific Northwest Chapter Scholarship Program is designed to help sponsor and assist persons pursuing education, training, and interests in Scottish arts, history, and/or culture.

The Program provides financial assistance to students to help offset the cost of education or training. Examples of eligible educational/training courses include instruction in Highland dancing, piping, drumming, fiddling and Gaelic language. The program does not provide grants for non-educational, non-training activities, such as travel to and attendance at public events or performances.

Amounts: Scholarships may be awarded in varying amounts up to $500.

Eligibility: Applicants to the Scholarship Program must meet the following criteria:

Highland dancing is just one example of Scottish cultural arts. We include piping, drumming, language among the fields of study supported.

Application: Applicants must submit the following in letter form:

1. Name and description of course or program.
2. Name, address and telephone number of school or instructor.
3. Dates of planned enrollment in course or program.
4. Course or program costs (instructional fees, materials, etc.).
5. Description of applicant's past participation in Scottish-oriented activities and/or training.
6. Two written and signed reference letters from non-family members supported the applicant's serious interest in and suitability for the contemplated course or program. The reference letters must include a phone number at which he/she can be reached and his/her position in any Scottish-related organization which they belong., if appropriate.

Timing: Scholarship requests may be submitted at any time during the year. Applicants will be informed in writing of approval or disapproval within two months of the date of receipt.

Process: When received, an application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee for completeness. Since scholarship funds are limited, the Committee will evaluate the application for appropriateness of the course or program and related merit of the request. If necessary, the Committee may request additional information from either the applicant or the references.

After evaluation, the Committee will forward the application with its recommendations to the Council for a final decision. After final action by the Council, the Scholarship Committee will notify the applicant in writing of the Council's decision. The notification will include a bank check if the application is approved.

Clan Gregor Society
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